OurPlant XTec


Produce your complex products in series with the compact micro assembly system. The OurPlant XTec is the all-round solution for your challenging tasks in micro assembly.

100.000,00 120.000,00 



The modular design of the OurPlant XTec guarantees adaptation to individual and rapidly changing process requirements.
Up to five integrable processing heads, give a maximum of process variety and flexibility to this machine. OurPlant XTec can be equipped with various modules. Diverse applications in the field of micro assembly and micro dispensing can be combined with each other.

– Ideal for small and medium batch sizes
– Low set-up effort thanks to real plug & play capability
– Easy integration into a production line by using a transport system
– Software based system control

Technical information
– 2-axis gantry system (X, Y)
– Processing heads with integrated Z-axis
– Control panel
– Software and control with integrated industrial PC
– UV protection glass

Note: Please use the laser protective glass for laser configuration.

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